Empowerment with Gal Gadot: Seize your fate

As the release of the movie Heart of Stone approaches, the actress and producer is eagerly embracing what lies ahead with a positive attitude and determination.

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Gal Gadot is always on the move, both physically and mentally. During a Zoom call from her sunny Los Angeles home, the Israeli actress gestured animatedly, expressing her thoughts with enthusiasm. From playing heroic roles in action films to portraying villains in Disney movies, the 38-year-old actress gained worldwide recognition after her role in Wonder Woman in 2017. Gadot candidly admitted that relaxing is a struggle for her, stating, “I can’t sit still. It’s either giving birth to a baby or working on a new project. I believe life is short, and I want to experience everything.”

Juggling various roles as an actress, producer, businesswoman, wife, and mother, Gadot’s days are full of constant change. Currently, she is both starring in and producing the Netflix thriller Heart of Stone, which is set to be released soon. In the film, Gadot portrays Rachel Stone, an intelligence agent on a mission to rescue a valuable asset for a global organization. She was deeply involved in every aspect of the project, from its inception to production.

Following the success of Wonder Woman, Gadot finds fulfillment in being actively engaged in her work. Apart from her involvement in Heart of Stone and launching her own brand Goodles specializing in healthy Mac & Cheese, she is venturing into playing villains in projects like the live-action musical Snow White directed by Marc Webb and co-starring Rachel Zegler. These are just a few of the many ventures Gadot is exploring.

In a conversation with L’OFFICIEL, Gadot discussed her upcoming projects, dealing with “imposter” syndrome, and the responsibility she feels in carrying on her grandfather’s legacy, who survived the Holocaust.

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Wearing a PRADA dress and a Tiffany & Co necklace, along with some Tiffany & Co earrings from the archives, you recently recorded a video at the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, where your grandfather managed to survive. How did it feel to be a part of that experience?

It was a surreal moment for me. I was approached by the Righteous Persons Foundation, founded by Steven Spielberg, to narrate a video without knowing much about it. Little did I know that it would be shown at Auschwitz, the place where my grandfather endured unimaginable losses. It struck me to think that as a teenager, he never could have imagined his granddaughter telling the world about the horrors he witnessed in that place.

For years, my grandfather kept his memories hidden, the pain was too deep to revisit. It wasn’t until later in life, after the passing of his grandmother, that he finally opened up to share his story with us. He faced his trauma with love, forgiveness, and a plea for humanity to be better and prevent such atrocities from happening again. Despite all he went through, my grandfather remains the embodiment of kindness, with a heart full of love and not a trace of bitterness.

Being the grandchild of a survivor is a profound responsibility. It’s a legacy that must be upheld and cherished, as there are countless similar stories that are at risk of being forgotten.

I wholeheartedly agree. I believe that the core of humanity remains unchanged. Love, empathy, understanding, and unity are the keys to a better society. Let’s strive towards a future without division, hatred, fear, or envy, and focus on building a world filled with compassion and acceptance.

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Inside the world of fashion; adornments by TIFFANY & CO. These days, not only am I taking on the lead role, but I’m also overseeing the creation of Heart of Stone. What makes this project particularly intriguing from both a production and acting standpoint?

The entire premise behind establishing a production company with my husband, Jaron Versano, was to seize control of our own destiny. I’m not one to idly wait around for acting opportunities to come my way. Heart of Stone was one of our initial brainchildren. I’ve observed that movies centered around women are often targeted at a female audience. However, films like Wonder Woman have shown that universal plots can resonate with everyone. Back then, it felt like there was a void in the industry for action-packed movies that weren’t just tailored towards women, but catered to all viewers, featuring gritty, real female protagonists instead of your typical polished heroines.

Typically, as an actor, you receive a script and discuss it with the director, and that’s pretty much it. It’s a straightforward process where everything falls into place without much effort on your part. Yet, bringing an idea to life from the ground up is both exhilarating and captivating.

What’s your take on collaborating with your spouse?

When news broke that Jaron and I were partnering up for this project, many people seemed surprised. However, the success of such a partnership really boils down to the dynamics of the relationship. Jaron brought his expertise from the business world, even opting to sell his entire real estate portfolio in Tel Aviv to join forces with me. He had a choice between sticking with real estate or venturing into the entertainment industry with me. I proposed that we work together because I felt he was the final piece of the puzzle. With his business acumen, who better to handle my affairs than my life partner?

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The wardrobe for the film includes SPORTMAX clothing, KHAITE shoes, and a TIFFANY & CO necklace, all from ARCHIVES. What makes Rachel Stone’s character unique is her overwhelming compassion that can sometimes lead to frustration. What drew you to portraying this character?
I was really drawn to the idea of showcasing a character with flaws. I’ve played the superhero roles and achieved it all, but now I wanted to portray a real person. I wanted to create a woman who had to figure things out on her own, someone who is complex and struggles to trust others completely. That’s why I have so much admiration for our director Tom Harper. I remember being captivated by the simplicity of the movie Wild Rose with Jessie Buckley, where the focus was solely on the character. For me, a director who prioritizes emotion and storytelling over flashy action is what truly matters.
“The whole concept behind starting a production company was to take control of my own path.”
It’s evident that there aren’t many spy thriller films with female leads. What does starring in this film – and potentially a franchise – mean to you?
A lot of people talk about sequels, but I believe in focusing on making the first movie great before thinking about what comes next. Interestingly, I struggle with imposter syndrome; I always feel fortunate to be doing what I love and never take it for granted. I’m always hopeful that people will enjoy the work. I once asked Francis Ford Coppola how it feels to be considered a national treasure, and his response about doubts and fears resonated with me. Sitting with a legendary filmmaker and hearing about his insecurities made me realize that it’s normal to feel that way. It’s too early for me to discuss the significance of playing Rachel Stone, but my main hope is that audiences will enjoy the film. And if the opportunity arises to make more Rachel Stone movies, I’ll be thrilled to continue exploring this character.

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ET Apparel presents the OCHS Bracelet by TIFFANY & CO.
Which movies or actors influenced the creation of Heart of Stone for you?
Comparing this movie to a female version of Bond would be unfair, as Bond is a legend in his own right. We wanted to create something unique that would captivate the audience with suspense and excitement, keeping them guessing until the very end.
It’s a tricky question because we tried to steer clear of directly drawing inspiration from other films. While Heart of Stone shares the grand scale of Mission Impossible and Bond, with scenes filmed in five different locations, our aim was to craft a fresh and original piece that stands on its own.
“I was drawn to the idea of portraying a flawed character, a woman who rises to the occasion and learns to navigate her challenges independently.”
You mentioned filming in five locations. Which one stood out as your favorite?
We filmed in Iceland, Morocco, Lisbon, London, and Italy (in the Alps), each holding its own charm. Personally, I found Lisbon to be particularly memorable as it was my first time there. The city’s vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, and warm people left a lasting impression on me, making the filming experience there all the more enjoyable. The positive energy of the place truly added to the overall comfort of shooting scenes for the movie.

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Wearing a PROENZA SCHOULER shirt and adorned with TIFFANY & CO rings, you are stepping into the role of a villain in Snow White. How does it feel to make the transition to the dark side?
It’s exhilarating! Filming Heart of Stone was intense and realistic, while Snow White is the complete opposite. Shooting both movies back to back was quite a dramatic shift. Playing the evil queen, the first Disney villain, is a dream come true. I get to delve into my dark and twisted side, even getting the chance to sing. In those first few days on set, I found it challenging to break free from the character’s evil persona. It almost feels like being part of a grand stage production, where everything is bigger, bolder, and more thrilling.

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