Casual Vibes! Gal Gadot rocks skintight athleisure wear while out and about in LA

In 2017, she was known as one of the most in-demand actresses while also juggling the responsibilities of being a mother to two children. Recently, Gal Gadot was seen multitasking like a pro as she ran errands at a Whole Foods store in Los Angeles. Sporting figure-hugging workout attire, the 32-year-old Wonder Woman star looked effortlessly cool as she strolled through the aisles, chatting on her phone while pushing a cart filled with groceries.

Gal Gadot was spotted running errands at a Whole Foods in Los Angeles on Friday, while sporting skin-tight workout gear

Gal Gadot was seen out and about running errands in Los Angeles at a Whole Foods store last Friday, looking sporty in her tight workout attire. She paired her shiny black leggings with a black shirt and zip-up hoodie. Completing the casual look, she wore practical black running shoes that showed off her vibrant red ankle socks. With minimal makeup and her dark hair pulled back into a sleek ponytail, Gal maintained a natural and fresh appearance. To shield her eyes from the sun, she added a stylish touch with round-framed sunglasses as she made her way to her car.

The Wonder Woman actress, 32, appeared at ease as she pushed her cart full of groceries while talking on the phone

The 32-year-old actress who played Wonder Woman was spotted looking relaxed as she wheeled her grocery cart and chatted on the phone. It was recently announced that Gal Gadot will receive the prestigious #SeeHer Award at the upcoming 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards in Santa Monica.

The #SeeHer Award, supported by the Association of National Advertisers, is given to women who are breaking barriers and advocating for authentic portrayals of females in the media. Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman in the Warner Brothers film has earned her this recognition.

Released in June, Wonder Woman became the highest-grossing superhero film ever, raking in over $821 million dollars worldwide in box office sales.

Gal teamed her metallic-black workout leggings with a black shirt and zip-up hoodie

Gal paired her shiny black workout leggings with a black top and a zip-up hoodie.
The actress, known for her role as Wonder Woman, first appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.
In an interview with ABC News, Gal discussed the pressure she feels as a public figure.
She expressed, “There is definitely a sense of responsibility when playing this character, as Wonder Woman holds great significance for many people.”
“I feel this weight of responsibility because I am also a mother and I want my daughters to have positive role models to look up to.”
The 32-year-old actress is a mother to two girls: Alma, who is 6 years old, and Maya, who is 10 months old.
Gal and her husband Yaron Versano, whom she married in 2008, share these two children together.

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